Terralba, Sardinia. Photo courtesy of Cristiano Pala.

Terralba – My birthplace.

The beautiful cathedral.

My first summer job.

Hotel AlaBirdi – Arborea
Luton Airport Terminal 1972.

Flying from Luton To Rome Ciampino airport on Britannia Airways B737.

An open invitation to visit the ‘Seicelle’, a blind date had been set the to the enigmatic, minute tropical islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Somali Airlens B720 at Mahe International airport – Photo courtesy of Brian G Nichols.

My flight originated in Rome via Cairo, Addis Ababa, Mogadishu and landed at Mahe International airport some 24 hours later. Somali Airlines ceased operations in 1991.

One thousand miles from the East African coastline, scattered across the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and India, some 115 tropical islands primarily made up of granite.

Overwhelming beauty- white sandy beaches and tropical sunshine.

The flag of Seychelles was adopted on Independence day June 29, 1976, until June 05, 1977.

Adopted on June 05, 1977 – Coup d’etat – until 1996.

The flag was based on the Rene’ SPUP political party design.

The current Seychelles flag was adopted in 1996. Blue – for the sky & the sea. Yellow – for the sun, light & life. Red – for determination, unity & love. White – for social justice & harmony. Green – for its natural environment.

Seychelles Rupees pre-independence notes.

Features the portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth 1973 – 1976.

Seychelles Rupees after independence June 29, 1976. Features Seychelles first elected president James Mancham.

Central Bank of Seychelles was established January 1, 1983.

Guy Morel signature is featured on the new bank notes as governor of the bank.

Inter-Island Airways – BN Trislander at Mahe International airport

Inter-Island Airways had a fleet of BN Islanders and BN Trislander merged with Air Mahe’ to form Air Seychelles in early 1979.

Victoria, Seychelles capital.

The main centre – features a silver-coloured replica of the Vauxhall Bridge clock tower in London.

Air Seychelles – first international flight October 1983.

British Caledonian DC10-30, under Air Seychelles flight number, flew from London Gatwick to Mahe’ via Frankfurt weekly on Saturdays.

Morris 1950s owned by Guy Morel

Helena pictured on Guy’s Morris car.

This car was featured as a taxi in the French trilogy, softcore erotica, movie ‘Goodbye Emmanuele’ with Sylvia Kristel filmed in Seychelles in 1976.

Dive and explore the pristine reef. Full of surprises!

The giant tortoise of Aldabra. The southern atoll of Aldabra, the second largest atoll in the world, has a population of 8 people and over 140,000 giant tortoises!

British B707 aircraft at Colombo airport in Sri Lanka. On our way to the Far East!

British Airways ‘Alaska route’ connecting London with South Africa weekly on B707. Stopovers at Anchorage, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Colombo, Seychelles and Johannesburg and vice versa!

Returning home!

Being persuaded reluctantly to go fishing!